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Taproot w/ American Fangs, A Liar’s Eyes, Wellborn Road, Allus Killus & Electric Astronaut

November 25, 2013 @ 7:30 pm - 11:55 pm

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Come and Take It Productions presents:


From the beginning, TAPROOT has created a smarter, deeper style of post-hardcore and heavy melodic rock. This overture can be credited to the unique combination of personalities in the band; Vocalist – Stephen Richards, Guitarist – Michael DeWolf, Bassist – Phil Lipscomb and newest member, Drummer – Nick Fredell. All four of these men were raised on the preaching of PANTERA, WHITE ZOMBIE and ALICE IN CHAINS, idolizing each band and hoping that one day the rock ‘n roll success train would stop at their station.

As the new millennium approached, the interest in heavier rock and metal grew and their peers began to rely on gimmicks to gain attention and land deals. TAPROOT relied solely on the riff, the groove and the growl that emulated from their skill and performance at colleges, basement shows and even opening slots for touring acts. Inspired by the likes of DEFTONES, HELMET, and TOOL, TAPROOT demonstrated how heavy music can still be emotionally intense, genuine and accessible to the masses. They eventually caught the eye of Atlantic Records and began that road to rock ‘n roll stardom.

Their debut in 2000 was welcomed with open arms and allowed them to become one of the Top Heavy Rock artists of the last decade. All the while, remembering not to compromise their music and style, TAPROOT has sold over 900,000 albums, toured countless times with DISTURBED, CHEVELLE and INCUBUS, and has proved that they are true ambassadors in this ever growing modern metal pantheon. They created heavy rock that fans wanted, and touched a lot of people in times of need.

After tasting the success that the last decade of rock and metal had provided, TAPROOT managed to keep grounded and outlive many of their peers, maintaining their original passion of simply playing heavy and real rock. Call it that Midwestern humility, or the blue collar work ethic that they were conditioned with by native Detroit, TAPROOT has been here, standing proud and are ready to continue this next chapter of their career.

Released May 11th, 2010, Plead The Fifth combines the elements that their fans have come to expect from the band with an updated take on their style of heavy rock. This partnership with Victory Records is a very liberating, and the band looks at it as a reinvigorating shock to the system, vital to the beginning of their next chapter. TAPROOT has never been a band with gimmicks and bullshit; they create real, grassroots American hard rock with soul, energy and power. Plead The Fifth showcases their roots-driven metal and rock while also reminding their listeners of the great depth in their songwriting. The songs are meaner, leaner and loaded with more punch and melody than any of the records that preceded it. One year later, TAPROOT released The Episodes on April 10th, 2012, creating singles like “No Surrender” which climbed the alternative charts, further proving the hard rockers from Michigan are here to stay. Going strong, TAPROOT will begin their first full US tour of 2013 with support from BOY HITS CAR, starting March 29th in Jackson, MI. Performing in over 25 cities, the band’s mix of catchy choruses and magnetic riffs will prove the four-piece from Michigan has what it takes to keep the scene alive.

Taproot on Facebook | Official Website


This is not the story of a typical rock’n’roll band.

“In music, everybody wants to be part of something big,” explains American Fangs frontman
Gabe Cavazos. “But sometimes we zig when others zag. We stick out like a sore thumb. And
that’s ok. We create our own vibe.”

That vibe — loud guitars, big hooks, punk rock attitude — has already won American Fangs a
fervent fanbase and a number of big-name (and wildly diverse) tours, ranging from Saul
Williams to the Deftones to Chevelle. And it’s a vibe that’s more than apparent on the band’s
debut album, American Fangs, the first release under rock promoter/manager Bill McGathy’s
new record label In De Goot Recordings.

Typical or not, that’s a pretty strong start for any band, especially one hailing from the rather
atypical music Mecca of … Houston.

“It’s not necessarily what people think of when they look for great music,” admits Cavazos. “But
there’s a lot of talent here.”

At least enough talent to put together AF. “We all were in different groups, but we go together
because we realized we all had the same idea of what we wanted a band to be,” says the
singer. “And that’s grown into an amazing bond.”

That idea was American Fangs, a name that struck a strong visual tone and, as Cavazos puts it,
exuded the right “who-gives-a-shit” attitude….something the band also brought to the stage.
“There was a lot more anarchy early on,” Cavazos admits. “But it was exhausting, like musical
whiplash. In the end, we’re a fan of songs. We want to share those, have people enjoy it, and
not necessarily have anything else overshadow the music.”

One person who caught on early was Bill McGathy, a rock industry vet best known for his work
with Shinedown, Neon Trees, 3 Doors Down and Grammy-Award winning Halestorm. “He saw
us just as we started, and stuck by us from the get-go,” says Cavazos. “Finally, one day he just
said, ‘go record something. I wanna release this.”

To capture the band’s wild side on record, the band enlisted producer Mike Watts (As Tall as
Lions, The Dear Hunter, Brand New). “Mike’s really cool,” says Cavazos. “He saw us at a
showcase a long time back and he was the only person who came up and asked how we
thought we sounded. He saw our potential, but he doesn’t spare us any feelings if we sound like
shit. So when it came time to do this record, we were like ‘we want that guy.”

The end result is an adrenalized blast of loud guitar rock, underlined with dynamic musicianship
and emotional honesty. First single “Pomona,” named after “the goddess of fruitful abundance,”
is a revved-up radio anthem full of “whoa whoa whoa” chants. Meanwhile, other standouts like
“Riot Food” come off as cranked-up power pop, while “Apple of My Eye” recalls the best of 90s

But the band also shines during slower moments, like the ballad “Sorry” Says Cavazos: “That’s
about the brief period of time when I was homeless as a kid. That song means a lot to me. Mike
pushed me to dig deep on that one.”

With the record finished, the band is hitting the road with Hollywood Undead and Falling in
Reverse, and converting a whole new audience. “I’m psyched: people will see we’ve got an
energy when we play live,” Cavazos says. “There’s a rhythm there. You can tell we really
believe in what we’re doing.”

Just don’t expect a typical rock’n’roll concert.

“That’s true, though even I’ve had to tone it down a bit,” says Cavazos, laughing. “I can’t always
be in people’s faces or climbing stuff during every song. But it’s nice to go to a show and see
people cut loose, see girls having a blast. It’s something that’s been missing from music for a
while now.”

American Fangs on Facebook | Official Website


A Liar’s Eyes is an alternative rock band that mixes catchy pop elements with a combination of heavy rhythms and melodic leads. Utilizing characteristics from hard rock, heavy metal, pop, jazz, and certain hip-hop influences, the six members of A Liar’s Eyes aim to redefine the genre of rock, and defeat the stigma of heavy music. We are far from ordinary. We are A Liar’s Eyes.

A Liar’s Eyes on Facebook


Established 2005, Wellborn Road has carved its name as one of the heavy weights in the Texas hard rock and metal scene. The band was formed in College Station, Texas. Their debut album “Home” proved to be an uncompromised, raw, and unique record. The band is currently jamming everywhere possible and working on their sophomore album.

Wellborn Road on Facebook | Official Website


Formed in the summer of 2011 the four members of ALLus KILLus have become brothers in arms facing the best of times and worst of times being in a band can bring. Where other bands have broken apart at the seams from tragedy or constant proximity, they have grown closer.

Self motivated, the members of ALLus KILLus have taken on any role needed in order to accomplish their tasks. They owe a lot to their family, friends, fans, kindred-bands, and to the venues that gave them a chance. But as in any endeavor, much of their success has come from their own hard work, willingness to learn new skills, knowing when to compromise, when to stand your ground, and the patience and humility that is required to build a fan base.

They have shot and edited their own music videos and pictures, recorded and mixed their own songs, built their own website, and managed booking and marketing alone since the beginning. For those tasks the band physically can not provide, time and time again the universe has blessed them with friends and acquaintances who have access to professionals who can.

With almost no financial assistance available to them, they have worked hard for every penny to keep going; even if that penny was earned only to give away in the form of a free demo to a potential fan. They believe the Do It Yourself attitude is what is necessary for a band to be taken seriously by fans AND today’s music industry. As success brings in more work, the band is seeking out professionals to share in the workload. This is not limited to booking agents and management but includes record labels as well. A. K. feels that when two entities work together for the benefit of all there is no such thing as selling out. And as everyone in business knows, D.I.Y. never truly dies.

ALLus KILLus on Facebook | Official Website


Electric Astronaut is a rock band from College Station formed from the ashes of well-known locals, BonnieBlue and Legacy Fails.

Electric Astronaut on Facebook


November 25, 2013
7:30 pm - 11:55 pm