Cody Joe Hodges

Last weekend, Grand Stafford Theater was fortunate to host a great local talent – Cody Joe Hodges. Strapping a four piece band, with keys and upright bass alongside, he brings a fresh but recognizable vibe to the stage. Hodges picks a classical nylon string guitar, bringing a unique sound and a style similar to the likes of Willie Nelson to the Texas country music scene. With no lead guitar backup, Cody Joe could put most country frontmen to shame. Together the band bridges the gap between past and future generations in a way you won’t forget. Keep your ear to the ground and listen out for one of Texas’ great young artists! We hope to see you back at Grand Stafford Theater very soon!

Written by Sound Engineer, Kevin Brown

Community Forum and Poverty, Inc. Documentary


The evening of February 25th will be a unique experience at historic Grand Stafford Theater. Poverty, Inc. is an acclaimed documentary about the Western approach to international development and its mixed results. Discussing the roots of poverty, this documentary is based on over 200 interviews from 20 different countries to build awareness on profiting contractors and organizations. The film will highlight this multi-billion dollar poverty industry to segue into a community forum afterwards. This event will be led by a panel of Texas A&M leaders of various backgrounds; The Norman Borlaug Foundation, The Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship at Mays Business School, and Mosbacher Institute for Trade, Economics and Public Policy at the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

Daniela Silva, the initiator and moderator of the event, is a graduate student in the College of Agriculture. Silva states, “I hope that this film will provide some insight into development work and force people to question the status quo.” She hopes for people in attendance to consider the realm of charities and social entrepreneurship through a scope that questions why poverty exists.

The evening will begin with good conversation and food to kick start a sense of community at the Stafford. Supported by the innovative developers of AdventGX, the Stafford will transform into a vibrant center for community engagement. Communications Director Joan Quintana explains, “Events like these provide opportunity for intellectual engagement and are great for building community and enhancing quality of life.”

Marriage Proposal at GST

Every so often we hear some great stories from people, students, our community, musicians and friends about how Grand Stafford Theater has affected their lives positively. From stories about finding their new favorite artist, opening for a band for the first time then going on a tour with them… We get emails about great concert experiences, how people had a great time or made some new friends at a show. However, when we received an email with a request to propose marriage on our stage, we were beyond humbled to have been chosen as the special place where two people would make one of their most cherished memories of their lives.

On Friday October 18th, Travis Porter ’12 asked his girlfriend Rachel Wilcox ’14 to marry him on the stage of Grand Stafford Theater.

“I’m extremely grateful for the Grand Stafford Theater and their management for helping to make my marriage proposal unique and special! My (now) fiancée Rachel and I went on one of our very first dates at the Stafford not even a year ago. In that time, we’ve come back to see several shows for some our favorite artists. We have grown very fond of the Stafford as a special place for us, as well as, for the quality of music they bring to BCS and for the generosity of the management. A big “thanks” to the Stafford Theater for their genuine involvement with the BCS community, their love for good music, and for letting me use their stage and staff to ask my girlfriend to marry me!” — Travis Porter

And this is how we continue to get involved with our community and make this a venue for you. It is because of people in our community like you and like Travis & Rachel that we are able to stay in business, open our doors each night for new concerts and continue to bring quality entertainment to this town. Sometimes even if it’s just to help a date go well and igniting a fire between two people–providing the utmost live music experience is our goal and a goal that we think goes well beyond just putting on a show. It’s the small things like this that let us know we’re making a difference in this town and for that we’re thankful!

One of Travis & Rachel’s first dates was to see Seryn live at a concert here with us and they’ve been back ever since to see them over and over again as well as discovered other bands we’ve had play here since last year.

Let’s make more memories together BCS, see you at a concert! What band has made a great impact in your life that you’ve seen live at a show here or that you discovered by coming to a concert here? If you have any stories about how GST has influenced you or a role it has played in your life let us know by sending us your story to

Putting the “Craft” Back into Cocktails

Tuesday nights are Craft Cocktail night at the Grand Stafford Theater. For some of our patrons, just the mention of “craft cocktails” is enough to send their taste-buds into a desirous frenzy, but others of you may not know exactly what kind of treat you’re in for. So let me give you the “what’s what” on the recent resurgence of quality mixed drinks.

Over the last few decades the cocktail has been much maligned. From “girly” to “sissy” the accusations cocktails suffered have ranged from innocent insults to emasculating and unabashedly misogynistic. While mostly undeserved, drinks like Cosmopolitans, Pink Ladies, and Fuzzy Navels provided fuel to the liquor purist’s fire. These saccharin sweet drinks, which mostly mask the flavor of distilled alcohols don’t bode well with palettes that can appreciate a well crafted drink and can tell you the difference between Bourbon, Scotch, and a good ol’ fashioned Tennessee Whiskey without hesitation. (There is a difference.) With drinks like the “Cosmo” being the celebrities of the mixed drink world, it became hard to see the artistry of cocktail making – similar to the way Nicholas Cage makes it hard to see the artistry of acting. It tastes good at first, but by the time you’re halfway through, you feel sick to your stomach.

In recent years, however, a subculture of passionate cocktail concocters, like the Grand Stafford’s very own Cody Schilling, have been working hard to restore honor to the cocktail’s name. The key difference in craft cocktails is the approach. While some cocktails (we won’t name names) have employed sour mixes and sugary syrups to hide the tastes of the liquors within, craft cocktails emphasize using ingredients that support and enhance what the liquor brings to the table. Additionally, a true craft cocktail will use only the finest of ingredients. Instead of sour mix a craft cocktail boasts the complexity and freshness of fresh squeezed citrus juices and when the recipe calls for something sweet, seasonal fruit is used in place of sugar-packed imitations. Another distinguishing factor for craft cocktails is the inclusion of “bitters.” Bitters are created by distilling a base liquor with herbs, fruits, spices, or roots in order to draw out and concentrate flavors. Their purpose in most drinks it to add an extra layer or two of complexity and bring out subtle flavors that naturally exist in the liquor(s) in the drink.

The world of craft cocktails, with all its highfalutin terminology and methodology may seem intimidating, but in reality it is a return to a simpler time. Much of what the craft cocktail movement stands for was commonplace in pre-prohibition bars. At the core of the movement are people who have a passion for good liquor. These people feel that mixology (the art of making mixed drinks) is both a privilege and an obligation. They feel compelled and honored to serve you drinks that use only the freshest fruits, herbs, and spices to highlight the subtleties of their favorite liquors rather than drowning them in a sea of corn-syrup. After all, you’re supposed to be enjoying a cocktail, not a snow-cone.

For those of you who have been joining us on Tuesdays, we hope to see you return – and if you do, bring a friend. For those of you who have been reluctant to come see what it’s all about, we hope this has eased your minds. If not – we can assure you the cocktails will.

Shinyribs Leaves ‘Em Smilin’ at the Stafford Theater

Well, he sounds country, especially with that mandolin, but wait. Is he covering Snoop Dog’s Gin and Juice?” Yes! Rap lyrics with a Texas twang and the crowd is going wild.

“If you leave a Shinyribs show without a smile, you better check your pulse,” said Bill Allen of Bill Allen’s Motorcycles in Bryan, Texas. Bill Allen is also director and co-star of the exclusive History Channel video series Hairy Bikers.”

“They’ll cover Hip-Hop songs then turn around and do a beautiful Bob Dylan song,” said Allen. “You never know what they’re gonna do. They will take you on a musical journey.”

And a musical journey it was, Thursday night at the Grand Stafford Theater in Downtown Bryan. “People were dancing, throwing their hands in the air, having a good time—all around good vibes in the theater,” said General Manger Carlton Lee as he reminisced of the Shinyribs performance with a smile.


With over 100 people in attendance, the venue quickly became intimate. “There were chairs at the beginning of the night but everyone pushed them out the way and had a good time right there [in front of the stage],” said Lee.

“Kev Russell could write a song about the woes of a road reflector and it would put tears in your eyes,” says Allen. “He is extremely insightful and positive. His music is heartfelt and fun and thought provoking.”


Kev “Shinyribs” Russell is most known for his involvement with The Gourds and their popular cover of Snoop Dog’s “Gin and Juice.” He and the band produced over 10 studio albums since 1996 and released their last album “Old Mad Joy” in 2011.

Shinyribs has since left the coop and and is flying solo, performing frequently at intimate music venues like the Stafford and venues in the Austin area. “There is no such thing as a bad Shinyribs show,” assures Allen.


Catch the Latest Stafford Theater News

We are happy to introduce you to Joey McGee, a talented and charming singer songwriter who was recently featured on our YouTube Channel, “Stafford Theater Presents.” The filmed interview is more like a one-on-one conversation with McGee; he is just as personable off stage as he is on stage. You can also catch a candid performance of McGee during his interview with the Grand Stafford Theater.


Giving Back to the Local Guitarists

Grand Stafford Theater wants  to video record guitarists in the B/CS community  to win the Guitar Center Blues Masters Challenge!

Guitar Center is currently holding a challenge for any guitar player to perform and submit a guitar performance on a Joe Bonamassa song. The prizes include: a $10,000 CASH award, opening slot for Joe Bonamassa in Hollywood, mentor session + studio time with Bonamassa & Producer Kevin Shirley, and lastly, new gear package from top of the line products.


We encourage all talented guitarists to contact the Grand Stafford Theater for a chance to win the Guitar Center’s challenge!

To find out details on contact information and filming dates for submissions, please click on the following link,


Know Stafford Theater and You’ll Know Live Music

To know Grand Stafford Theater is to know the music, the artists who play it and the community where it all happens.

“We’re working to provide the best live music experience in Bryan/College Station,” says Carlton Lee, the General Manager of the historic downtown venue. Located smack-dab in the middle of the Texas “Golden Triangle” formed by Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, Grand Stafford is an ideal stop for bands touring the great state.

“What we offer here is different,” expresses Lee. “Part of our mission is to bring quality music, so even if you have not heard of the band yet, you can bet they’re going to be good,” assures Lee. “We cranked up on supporting local and regional artists, the up-and-comers.”


Management at Stafford Theater is constantly on the lookout for the next priceless jewel of the live music scene, meaning Grand Stafford Theater offers a little bit of everything out there that’s good and live! And since the venue is relatively small, with a capacity right around 400, bar staff get to know guests and the live music experience is intimate.

Typical genres include Texas country, Texas rock, blues rock, Southern rock, and even Latin, instrumental, electronic, singer-songwriter, Indie, and heavy metal. Grand Stafford Theater began the fall of its reopening with Texas favorites such as Ray Wylie Hubbard and 9-time Grammy award winning band, Asleep At The Wheel. Other prominent bands include El Ten Eleven, an instrumental band featured on MTV; Del Castillo, known for their hit single “Malaguena Salerosa” and chosen by Quentin Tarantino for the closing scene of Kill Bill Vol. II; and Joshua James, recognized by Rolling Stone for their single “Coal War,” showcased in season 4 of Sons of Anarchy.

“That’s one of the cool things about this place,” comments Lee. “We haven’t pigeonholed ourselves with one type of music. We are definitely diverse.” The Grand Stafford Theater is a place that fosters intimate musical vibrations with delicious beverages. “It’s a place where everybody’s welcome. We look forward to new faces.”

Get to Know the Artists

Today the team is launching Grand Stafford Presents to be sure Stafford Theater guests get to know the talented musicians that grace our stage.


“Each week we will release a new episode on the Grand Stafford Theater YouTube channel,” explains Lee. “Relaxed and candid artist interviews with clips of the artist’s music provide an intimate look at the talented individuals behind the music and showcase spots in Downtown Bryan where all the magic happens.”

Featured music may be live footage from the show or a personal, acoustic performance. It’s for the fans of Stafford Theater artists and it’s for the artists themselves.

“We’re here for the music,” said Lee. “The artists make the music so we’re going to do everything we can to support these talented musicians by letting fans know them a little better and sharing the music throughout our web channels.”

Like, Listen and Follow Stafford Theater Online

In addition to Stafford Theater on YouTube, you’ll also find Stafford artists on our Spotify Channel. Photos are available on our Facebook albums and Instagram. Follow us @GrandStaffordTheater on Twitter for news on the latest and greatest, and for general information regarding the theater please visit

Opening Show ISHI & Fall Line-up Announced

The Grand Stafford Theater is proud to announce the lineup for our opening weekend show on September 6, 2012. Electro-rock outfit Ishi will be joined by Featherface, GOBI and The 71’s for a night of high-energy performances. To make things even more exciting, this show will be a CD release for both The 71’s and Featherface. Get your ticket now at

We’re hiring!

The Grand Stafford Theater is hiring a few positions for the opening just around the corner. We’re looking for bartenders, bar backs, sound engineer, light engineer. We are also taking applications for interns for the fall semester.


For Sound Engineer and Lighting Engineer positions, please email


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