Musician in Residence

The Grand Stafford Theater is seeking artists with a particular interest in community-based, as well as internationally based, audiences. Specifically, the Grand Stafford is looking for artists with an interest in:

• Being an advocate for artistic development in the local community
• Creating work that helps connect local community members
• Further broadening and networking with our local music community

In some cases, artists may be asked to clarify or provide additional information.

Program Overview
Each musician-in-residence will go through an accelerated program to develop necessary professional and personal artist development skills, including but not limited to:

• Film footage for promotional videos
• Local performing opportunities
• An overview of accounting and financial basics
• A targeted marketing strategy
• Time spent engaging the local community through song writing and open mic expositions
• Biweekly community music workshops
• Exposure to local media including social media, radio, and television
• Strategic promotional advertising
• Practice space in the Stafford theater
• A showcase featuring the Musician-in-Residence as the headliner

Musicians, composers and/or performers, ages 16 and up from across the globe are encouraged to apply.

Application Requirements
• Submit a completed application (click here)
• Attachments:

Letter of Intent – a one page, detailed description of why you would like to pursue artistic development as a musician. Please be sure to explain how you and your work would benefit and have an impact on the surrounding community. If any, please also mention previous experience in the music industry.

Artist Statement – tell us about you and your work (no more than 500 words)

Resume – provide a simple and up-to-date resume

Additional Documents (optional) – feel free to provide us with any letters of recommendation, relevant press or publications, etc.

Media – Please send a link to any media form such as YouTube, Vimeo, Band Camp, etc. Our team will review no more than four minutes of submitted media.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at
Please allow up to 48 hours for a response





Being the Musician In Residence at the Stafford was a deeply valuable experience for me as a young singer-songwriter. The opportunities that the program afforded me, from mentorship and participation in the Downtown Bryan arts scene to performances which were uniquely tailored to my style and needs, were life-changing and incredibly enjoyable. Most of all, though, the lasting value of the program was in the relationships. Downtown Bryan is filled with wonderful, hopeful people, and the program is a perfect platform for connecting with them. When I closed out my time as Musician In Residence, it truly was “see you later” rather than “goodbye.”




12308510_970030793050955_4784546031559348424_nKyle Cook. Cook is a Texas A&M student – and Corps Cadet – with one of the most beautiful of voices one would ever hear. His voice has the tendency to make the audience sink in their seats and stop breathing in hopes to not miss a single note. It is the passion, vulnerability, and strength behind his voice that which causes hush among crowds and beckons them to listen to his story. The passion with which he performs makes one believe the stories he tells and plants a desire to hear more. His EP “Unworthy” describes a relationship between man and God through asking questions and singing praises that boldly reveal a human heart chasing after his creator. Having known this guy for a few years now, his lyrics express the true depth of his consistent character that which is one sincerely seeking the heart of the Lord.

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