Thinking about heading out to the Grand Stafford Theater for an upcoming event? Here’s some general information to help out with any questions or concerns you might have.


May I buy tickets at the box office?

-No, the Grand Stafford does not have a box open outside of normal event hours. If the event has not sold out, you will be able to purchase tickets at the venue when doors open on the day of the show. We always encourage attendees to purchase tickets online if there is any chance of the show selling out. However, attendees will not incur any service fees if tickets are purchased at the box office.

How do I purchase tickets in advance?

-Tickets may be purchased here on our website.

Where do I pick up my tickets?

-In most cases, tickets will be purchased online. We ask that you please print tickets and show them at the door upon arrival at the venue.

Is there seating at the venue?

Our floor plan varies, depending on the event.  For many events, we offer Ticket Upgrades for premium seating options at one of our cocktail or large tables with the best view of the stage — we highly recommend you pursue this for the most comfort in your concert experience!


Where is the venue located?

-The Grand Stafford Theater is located in the heart of downtown Bryan, Texas, on Main Street, just two doors down from the Queen Theatre.

How do I get to the Grand Stafford Theater?

-For detailed directions, please see our Plan Your Visit page.

Where do I park?

-The theater does not have its own parking lot, but there is ample street parking and surrounding parking garages available near the venue.

-Parking is available at the Roy Kelly Multimodal Terminal and Parking Garage behind the Bryan Public Library.

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Is there an ATM at the venue?

-The Grand Stafford does not have an ATM, but there is one available right across Main Street at the Palace Theater.

Private Events

Can I rent the Grand Stafford for a private event?

-Yes, the theater is available for all types of private parties—corporate events, birthday parties, fashion shows, product release parties, graduations, reunions, etc. Please submit a registration form on our Special Events page.

Can you supply catering for my event?

-While the Grand Stafford Theater does not have a kitchen on the premises, we have partnered with local restaurants to provide excellent catering options for your private party.

Do you allow underage parties?

-Yes, however, if alcohol is to be consumed at the event, we will “X” the hands of anyone underage.

Does the Grand Stafford Theater provide decoration for parties?

-The venue has a versatile, comfortably modern industrial atmosphere. If your event requires more elaborate decor, we are more than happy to put you in touch with vendors who offer many different styles of party furnishings in order to achieve your vision.


What types of payment are accepted at the bar?

-Grand Stafford Theater takes cash and all major credit cards. Checks are not accepted.

Do I need an ID to enter the venue?

-All shows at the Grand Stafford will be all ages unless specified otherwise, as 18+ or 21+. For those under the age of eighteen, we still encourage that you bring some form of identification, if not accompanied by a parent or guardian. For those twenty-one and up, you must show valid ID in order to purchase alcohol, no exceptions.

What happens to minors caught drinking at the venue?

-Because of our zero tolerance policy, all minors caught drinking will be immediately expelled from the venue. In severe circumstances, we will not hesitate to contact proper authorities to handle the matter further.

Does the venue offer food?

-The Grand Stafford does not serve food, however, there are over fifteen restaurants within a short walking distance nearby in downtown Bryan.

I forgot to close out my tab at the bar. Will I be able to pick up my credit card?

-All lost or forgotten cards and IDs will be held at the bar and available for pick up on our next business day.

Safety & Security

Do you allow crowd surfing or moshing?

-Under no condition does the Grand Stafford Theater permit crowd surfing. Doing so may result in expulsion, especially after repeated warnings.

Can I leave the venue and come back?

On most events we allow re-entry into the building, with some exception.  On city-wide festival events, such as Hullabaloo, guests must wait in line for re-entry once the building nears capacity.

Does the venue have emergency lighting or a sprinkler system?

-The Grand Stafford is fully outfitted with emergency features like lighting, fire extinguishers, and a sprinkler system.

Do you have a security staff available and how can they assist me?

-Security personnel will be present in different capacities, depending on the nature of the event. The Grand Stafford will always have security posted at the entrance for every show. When necessary, security will also assist in crowd maintenance. If any emergency occurs, please notify a security guard immediately.

Are there paramedics on staff?

-Paramedics will be employed on a show-by-show basis, but not present at all times. We have security detail present at every show available for emergency assistance. Security guards will also arrange for medical assistance if needed.

Does the venue allow pyrotechnics?

-Under no circumstances does the Grand Stafford Theater permit use of pyrotechnics by performers or attendees.

I’m disabled. What kind of accommodations do you have for me?

-The Grand Stafford Theater is fully equipped to meet all ADA standards. If you require more specific assistance, please contact us in advance of the show by phone or email (info@grandstaffordtheater.com) or please inform the front desk supervisor on the day of the show with more details. We are happy to arrange any additional accommodations as needed.

Personal Items

What items am I not allowed to bring to the venue?

-Prohibited items include plastic containers (including water bottles) whether sealed or unsealed, thermoses, glass bottles, aluminum cans, or wine skins. No outside alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be tolerated. Use of laser pointers will result in confiscation if not ejection from the venue. No recording devices are permitted, whether audio or video. No weapons or any object that might be used as a weapon (including guns, knives, sticks, tasers, chains, spiked jewelry, or fireworks) are permitted in the Grand Stafford Theater under any circumstances. You may not bring in skateboards, lawn chairs, or any animals not legally designated as a service animal.  If you require a service animal, please give us advance notice so we can do our best to accommodate you.

Where can I locate an item I’ve lost at a show?

-You may pick up lost items from the the bar during business hours, or contact Grand Stafford Theater management to arrange a time to retrieve your belongings.

Can I bring a camera or video recording equipment?

-Professional photography or video recording at any Grand Stafford Theater event is generally prohibited unless press credentials have been acquired through our Press Office ten days in advance of the show. (You may submit a press pass request form from our Contact page.) Small, personal point-and-shoot cameras may be permitted, depending on the discretion of the performer.

Can you hold my coat or bag?

-Grand Stafford does not have a coat check available. Backpacks and larger bags are not permitted. Attendees will be responsible for any coats, purses, or other personal items throughout the evening.


Does my child need a ticket?

-No tickets are required for children under age 5. If the event is children’s entertainment, then each attendee must be ticketed regardless of age.

How old do you have to be to attend a show?

-The Grand Stafford Theater is an all-ages venue unless otherwise noted (18+ or 21+), although parents or guardians must be present if the child is under the age of seventeen.

Is my child allowed to attend a show on their own?

-Young adults are permitted to attend a show on their own (providing there is no advertised age requirement) unless they are under the age of seventeen.

May I bring a stroller?

The Grand Stafford Theater does not allow strollers on ticketed events. If you need to bring a stroller due to special circumstances, please contact the venue in advance of the show and notify the front door supervisor upon your arrival to the event.

Can my child consume alcohol if I am present?

-We strongly adhere to a 21 and up drinking policy. The Grand Stafford Theater does not permit alcohol consumption by anyone under legal age, despite the presence of a parent or guardian.


Is there a VIP area?

-The Grand Stafford Theater holds special meet-and-greet receptions with the performers, however, details will be provided with the show announcement.

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