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Little Image with Odd Folks, Honest Men, & Leavenworth

August 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

Little Image

Little Image is an Indie Rock band based out of Dallas, Texas. The group was meshed together after interaction through social media, sibling relationships, and chance. The band’s first EP, “These Are Just Words”, caught many people’s attention and a want for more. With their love for people strong in their hearts, Little Image captures their audience with the raw passion they put into their music.

All practically meeting through social media, we found that our strong love for people and music is what brought us together. People are a huge part of who we are. We believe that we are here not to judge- but to love. We strive to make it known that we love people in any and all ways possible – no matter who they are, what they stand for, or what they’re going through.

We create things that come from our hearts, and it’s emptied from our souls: Good and bad experiences, things we’ve seen that we want changed, anything that has made an impact on our lives…we want to be a group that other people can relate to.


Odd Folks

Odd Folks is the love child of modern punk and post hard core ordained by the dpirit of DIY and fortified with pop influence. The band stirs catchy hooks, emocore, and the ferocity of 00’s alternative rock into a sound that defies the boundaries of both genres and audiences alike. Odd Folks: Punk Tested, Mother Approved.


Honest Men

Honest Men is an indie pop rock band from Waco, TX. Their first show, in the spring of 2015, was Baylor University’s Battle of the Bands, where they ended up winning by student and judge votes. Since that point, they have quickly gained popularity across the campus and the city.

The rest of 2015 into 2016 was spent playing shows, expanding their fanbase, and finding their sound. In the summer of 2016, Honest Men journeyed to Nashville, TN to record their debut record, OKAY DREAMER.

As lead singer Seth Findley puts it, “These songs mean a lot to us. They mean a lot to me. What started as a concept album to tell a story that wasn’t my own very quickly became a collection of some of the most personal songs I’ve written. I’ve found myself returning to the lyrics time and time again, comforted – even shocked – by the way they speak so perfectly into the seasons I go through and am going through. Am I okay? I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay.”

Since the release of OKAY DREAMER in early 2017, Honest Men’s fanbase has spread throughout Texas. With a growing online presence and a killer live show, Honest Men continues to write music and play as many shows as possible. They have opened for artists such as Colony House, Kings Kaleidoscope, Ellie Holcomb, Elephante, and more, as well as headlining multiple shows across Texas.



LEAVENWORTH: Noun. (lev′ən·wûrth) 1. A city of NE Kansas  2. A federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. 3. A four-piece folk-rock band in Bryan/College Station whose songs have been banned from local radio. Evidently.

That moment after your third sip of morning coffee and you’ve convinced yourself that the day is going to be all right after all. It might even be a great day. That’s Leavenworth, man. When a child falls and waits for your reaction to know whether to cry or keep it together. You’re stolid and the child keeps it together. That’s Leavenworth, man. Gum on the bottom of your shoe, strings of it in three rooms of the house. That’s not Leavenworth. Your boss wanting to talk with you when you’re trying to eat your breakfast at your desk. Also not Leavenworth. Finding a favorite book that’s been missing for years. It was in a box in the garage under some t-shirts for some reason. That’s Leavenworth, man. You’ve got an acoustic guitar by your bed, you’ve got time and three beers left in the fridge. Hey, look at that one back there behind the ketchup. Four beers! That’s Leavenworth, man.


August 17, 2017
7:00 pm


106 S Main St
Bryan, 77803 United States