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Pecha Kucha

June 6, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us on June 6 at Grand Stafford Theater where we will enjoy presentations from passionate and talented residents in our community.

The speakers will start at 7 pm, but Grand Stafford opens at 5 pm on Tuesdays for Craft Cocktail Tuesdays, so come early and enjoy creative beverages.

Admission to the event is free, but we ask a $10 donation from those who are able to give.

See you there!

This week’s speakers and presentations:

Michael Kellett– “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (The Importance of Archival Images)”

This presentation will emphasize the volatile nature of today’s digital media and the importance of traditional silver-based photographic materials for the long-term storage, archiving and sharing of important images.

Bailey Mullens– “Designing a Future”

Some topics that will be covered: The Power of decision making; How technology is changing the Job market for current college students- Thinking in an exponential manner; The difference between Millennial social interactions and Generation X (Facebook vs. Twitter); The lost art of conversation; Nutrition- Genetic testing, Podcasting/ Self Education- Time to be feeding your brain while doing other activities: Driving, working out, walking to class; Power of echoic retention; Passion meets your skill set; I have a firm belief that you have a set path set out for yourself but you don’t have to take said path; Constant learning; IQ, EQ, SQ;  and plans to solve homeless population issues in Austin, Texas.

Ryan Terry– “Incremental Development and the Future of the City”

So much of the real estate industry is extractive, where far-away investors build disposable buildings that mine the value from our communities. Unfortunately, this often creates towns and cities that people tolerate instead of love. Across the country, communities are realizing that big developers cannot be induced to come build the neighborhoods they want. No one is coming to save them from the status quo. They’ve got to do it themselves. The Incremental Development Alliance is working toward a more generative real estate model, where local people can invest in their own neighborhoods and communities through grass-roots real estate development. Through this fine-grained, small-scale, incremental development model, we are dedicated to filling our towns and cities with buildings that punch above their weight, giving back to the city through taxes, to the neighborhood through street appeal, and to the owners through positive cash flow.

Bill Jenks– “What the Viz? “

Visualization is a term that seems to pop up every spring around the Brazos Valley. Why do we hear it so often and what does it mean? Many people have a view of a part of the puzzle. Come along on a short journey beyond Webster’s to our creative universe and get all the answers to the question: What the Viz?

Zofia Rybkowski – “Continuous improvement game map”

Doors open at 5 for Grand Stafford’s Craft Cocktail Tuesdays and our presentations begin at 7. Admission is free, but we hope that those who can afford it will make a donation of at least $10 to help sustain PechaKucha nights in the Brazos Valley.


June 6, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


106 S Main St
Bryan, 77803 United States