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Signals & Avindale w/ Odd Folks & Adults

November 13, 2014 @ 8:00 pm - 11:55 pm


Embracing their defiant brand of alternative rock and gaining a rabid fan base thanks to their incredible live show, Signals have become a hot commodity over the past few years with the release of their 2012 album ” Guided Missiles and Misguided Men. But with the release of their stunning new single We Must Be Gods, the Tucson natives are truly becoming legendary.

Deploying every shred of musical prowess in their artillery, Signals have poured mind and soul into their new single We Must Be Gods – and it shows. Blending the unique vocal style , incendiary guitar lines and soaring melody, the band’s newest single is an insight of musical exploration that at once both packs a punch, while finding the pockets of calm and peace in the chaos – a talent that has made the band such a exhilarating force in the music world at large . Waiting to be released in the spring of 2014 , Hindsight EP is already being hailed as a “refreshing voice from the norm”.

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Avindale is an Indie/Alternative band from El Paso, TX formed in mid 2007. Their sound can be described as a mixture of ambient yet powerful guitar melodies, distinct bass lines that can carry a mood of their own and still adapt to the sound as a whole, drums with dynamic beats, and vocal melodies that can be appealing to diverse audiences. Their influences range from Pink Floyd, U2, and modern bands such as Circa Survive, Deftones, Death Cab for Cutie, and As Cities Burn. The band has released 2 Eps and 2 singles in the course of their career, the first EP titled “Cycles” released in 2011, which they supported with approximately 4 weeks of touring, and the second one titled “Lost In A Place Some Call Home” recorded with engineer/producer Dryw Owens (From Indian Lakes, Culprit ) in Sacramento California which was released July 23 2013. Their 2 new singles “Azure” and “Not Even Gold” which were recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios were released on jan 24, 2014. The band is currently in the process of booking a full US tour to support the EP, as well as Japanese release through “Cars and Calories Records” and distributed through Tower Records scheduled for March 23rd 2014, which they intend to support with a Japanese tour in the summer of that same year. What sets the band apart from others is a sound that is unique. Their hometown music scene has not had much to offer, pushing them to bring something new to the listener. The considerable distance from other cities with a stable or even growing music scene has not put a halt to the band, it instead has motivated them to work even harder and get their music heard.

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Odd Folks is a 5-piece rock band from College Station, TX featuring members from various local groups in the area. Stay odd.

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Adults is a music band for the kids.

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November 13, 2014
8:00 pm - 11:55 pm