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The Drasco’s Total Fascination

November 30, 2012 @ 8:00 pm - 2:00 am


Tony Stewart a.k.a. Syne Wav comes from a very diverse musical background, which is apparent from both is work and his live performances. Raised on country legends and classic rock and role while being totally immersed in the electronic age of music is the result of such a diverse spectrum of musical styles and taste. Syne Wav first made his entrance into the B/CS music scene in the summer of 2011 after teaming up with the Drasco for his first show and since then has been performing on a regular basis in the area, as well as a handful of shows in Houston and Austin. His combination of live instrumentation alongside his critical mixing skills he blurs the lines between live musician and DJ, which is what truly separates him from the rest of the pack. Anyone that attends one of these performances is always in for a real treat, with addictive groove’s and melodies the whole way through it’s impossible not to get sucked into the music. Be sure to keep on the lookout for this rising star!

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Phamstar is a DJ, promoter and EDM lover from Austin, TX.

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In 2008, Daniel Arnold “Naphtha” and Erik Gnaedinger “Delta” started Drasco, a tribe of DJ’s evolving their name from a series of successful dance parties. Formed in response to the underwhelming EDM scene in College Station, the two DJ’s quickly gained popularity after establishing a residency at a local venue. In 2010, they inaugurated hardstyle enthusiast Roussi One as the third member, and in 2011, Dubstep/Electro DJ Flika, and producer Syne Wav. The Drasco was spread out in 2012, with the original two members in Houston, Flika and Syne Wav in College Station, and Roussi One in Seattle, WA. All members maintain their association in the different venues they play, spreading PLUR, the Drasco’s only message, to the corners of the maps. Armed with an array of performers spanning many variations of EDM, The Drasco has the ability and versatility to play to nearly any crowd. Born into the scene at the peak of the electro era, Delta and Naphtha are renowned for their dutch-house builds, drum and bass fused chorus containing unpredictable half-time drops. Roussi One keeps the hardstyle and hard dance enthusiasts moving. He also keeps the dreamers happy with his long interludes and progressive house sets. Flika is known for his electro remixes and dubstep, and has a constant presence in the BCS club scene. Syne Wav is the most gifted producer in the group, integrating his guitar and synthesizer talents into his music. Although the DJ’s rarely all see the stage at the same time or venue, the Drasco maintains a strong collective. Over the past years, the Drasco has shared the stage with Texas talent such as Vicious Viv, Get Low, K9, and the Conglomerate, and national talent such as BMC, DJ Irene, Chris Webby, Messinian, and Exceed.

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DJ Get Low is one of the best well known and established DJ acts in Bryan/College Station. No introduction needed.

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Falko is an electronic music producer and DJ from College Station, TX.

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November 30, 2012
8:00 pm - 2:00 am


106 S Main St
Bryan, TX 77803 United States