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Wellborn Road with Distance, Here, Vicious Cycle, Redhawk, and Electric Astronaut

November 14, 2015 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Tickets available at the door.

Wellborn Road


In the small city of College Station Texas, where country music is king, there has come a band that is kicking down the doors of the music scene. A truly original band, that isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal, but simply putting there own abrasive stamp on it. Each member hails from the Houston area, but College Station is where there story begins. In 2005, guitarist Tyler Tracy, set out in search of others who shared his passion and desire for music. He had already recorded several demo’s and written numerous songs, Tyler just needed to find others to complete the entire picture. Enter singer Scott Emanis from Houston Texas. Scott and Tyler had known each other for several years. In fact, both had played guitar in the same bands before Wellborn Road. Still serving his country in the United States Navy, Scott Emanis at first didn’t appear to be the likely choice. Yet after hearing Tyler’s demo’s he wanted in. The two wrote and cut vocals for the song Time Is Mine. Scott was now in the fold. The next member came in the form of bass player and mutual friend Dale Kahil. Dale, Tyler, and Scott all knew each other from there days in Houston. Once Tyler knew of Dale being in College Station, he knew that Dale needed to lay it down on the low end. Both had previously played together in High School bands. Once Dale Kahil heard and played a few songs, it just felt right. The final member to join Wellborn Road was Robert Dickinson. A much younger but extremely talented Drummer. Robert was just moving into the College Station area and wanted very badly to be playing heavier music. Tyler was told by a mutual friend he really needed to check out this guy. Robert came to the audition knowing he had the job. After jamming several Alice in Chains and Pantera grooves the band was complete. Wellborn Road played there first show in 2005 and has been tearing up the road ever since. A steadily growing fan base has allowed them to be headliners at several festivals and shows around the Texas area. In 2008, Wellborn Road hit the studio to record their debut album that would be title "Home". The album was recorded at Origin Sounds by engineer Craig Douglas and Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches. The band is currently shopping the record to labels and touring the state of Texas. What does the future hold for Wellborn Road? If it’s up to them it’s nothing but number one. They are a band that is very driven and motivated to rise above all the rest. Wellborn Road will settle for nothing less than pure uncompromised domination…


Distance, Here



Vicious Cycle


Gathered from the remnants of “Southern Steel”, “Hurricane”, “Thornbush”, and “Trigger Zone”; Vicious Cycle forged a sound fueled by Texas angst and the determined survival of Rock and Metal amidst the ever growing Grunge and Rap scene of the 90’s. Their live show never failed to deliver a performance and energy that was lacking from many bands of the decade. Always intense… Always high energy… V.C. Have thundered it’s way throughout the State of Texas and is on the rise with new members. The band is always evolving and looking for fresh approaches to express the intensity and passion that is Vicious Cycle.


Electric Astronaut

Electric Astronaut is a four piece band out of College Station, TX. With rock roots and Game of Thrones influences, Electric Astronaut shows are something to see.


November 14, 2015
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm