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Wiretree with Leavenworth & The Fox in the Ground

September 15, 2017 @ 7:30 pm


Wiretree is an indie rock band from Austin, Texas led by Kevin Peroni. Initially a solo project based on homemade recordings, Peroni released Bouldin in 2007, and later recruited other band members to solidify the project. Four albums later, the band has been featured on “Satellite Sets” (an Austin City Limits live taping), toured Europe and played numerous music festivals including SXSW and China’s biggest music festival, the Strawberry Music Festival.

Check out Wiretree here: “Didn’t Know Your Name



LEAVENWORTH: Noun. (lev′ən·wûrth) 1. A city in NE Kansas 2. A federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. 3. A four-piece folk-rock band in Bryan/College Station whose songs have been banned from local radio. Evidently.

That moment after your third sip of morning coffee and you’ve convinced yourself that the day is going to be all right after all. It might even be a great day. That’s Leavenworth, man. When a child falls and waits for your reaction to know whether to cry or keep it together. You’re stolid and the child keeps it together. That’s Leavenworth, man. Gum on the bottom of your shoe, strings of it in three rooms of the house. That’s not Leavenworth. Your boss wanting to talk with you when you’re trying to eat your breakfast at your desk. Also not Leavenworth. Finding a favorite book that’s been missing for years. It was in a box in the garage under some t-shirts for some reason. That’s Leavenworth, man. You’ve got an acoustic guitar by your bed, you’ve got time and three beers left in the fridge. Hey, look, there’s another one back there behind the salsa. Four beers! That’s Leavenworth, man.

Check out Leavenworth here: Bandcamp


The Fox in the Ground

The Fox and the Ground is a music project fronted by Jonathan Richter. They strive daily to not be completely terrible.

Check out The Fox in the Ground here: Facebook


September 15, 2017
7:30 pm


106 S Main St
Bryan, 77803 United States