Cynthia’s Birthday Meltdown

When our Bar Manager’s birthday rolled around, we at Grand Stafford Theater could think of no better way to celebrate than a FREE show featuring some of Cynthia’s favorite local bands!

Enjoy punk, psych-grunge, and noise-rock at impressive volumes. Ear plugs are available for $1.00 per pair.

Band lineup includes:


Unicorndog sounds like a cross between Missy Elliott and Seether with Rick & Morty influences. (It doesn’t make sense now, but you’ll get it, we promise!)

Mutant Love

The result of a cloud of gas way out in space colliding with another weird cloud of gas.

Electric Astronaut

Electric Astronaut is a four-piece psych grunge band out of College Station, Texas. Featuring rock roots and Game of Thrones influences, their experimental grunge psych groove is out of this world. If your iPod was stoned, this is what it would play.

The Ex-Optimists

Clearing rooms since 2008, The Ex-Optimists are till deafening B/CS audiences with their pop songs played with guitars plugged into amps turned up way too loud to get over a drummer who hits them too hard.