Artist Spotlight: Seryn

Seryn is a multi-talented band formed in Denton, Texas. This young band started their career playing shows around Texas but has since been on multiple, very successful nation-wide tours. Following a recent move to Nashville, Seryn is more driven and unified than ever.


Seryn’s first album, “This is Where We Are,” received praise for the bands natural ability to layer guitars, ukulele, accordion, violin, banjo, percussion, and bass. Seryn’s live shows proved that their musical ability extended outside of the studio. Their perfect harmonies and natural musical talent ensured that Seryn was going to be a success.

Since the release of their first album, Seryn has gone through some changes. The band moved to Nashville, changed management, and became an independent band, but the change has only solidified the direction of the band and their hopes for the future. Seryn’s second album, “Shadow Shows,” was released earlier this year and has led them to more fans and more success. Their live shows have continued to improve, and crowds are amazed at this band’s ability to captivate an audience of any size. We are excited to welcome Seryn back to Grand Stafford Theater!

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