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Haywood reunion concert w/ Whiskey Shivers & Hello Wheels

October 18, 2013 @ 9:00 pm - 11:55 pm


Haywood came together in the Fall of 1996, in College Station, TX. With no more intent than to have a great time with a large group of friends, Brandon Elam and Stephen Sandlin put pen to paper. Kris Arnold and Craig Hoenes filled in the danceable foundations, and the percussion stylings of Chris Huntley and Chris Ginsbach settled down on top. What resulted was an outstanding mix of melody, fun, and a heartfelt exploration of life. Music that makes you want to move… and laugh a little, too.

The next 8 years flew by. Three CDs, one EP, plenty of local praise, and the ability to regularly pull in 1000+ person crowds, helped Haywood make a name around College Station and Houston. Haywood was named Band of the Year, got radio airplay, and was generally considered one of the best live shows around town. As members moved on, the shows slowed, but everyone has remained involved. Brandon Elam has pushed The Literary Greats to success on the Houston music landscape, and Chris Ginsbach has helped plant the seeds of a flourishing Jazz and arts scene in Midland, TX.

While things may have changed over the last few years, the purpose of the band remains. Have a great time, and bring the crowd along for the ride. We’re excited to be back together, and share it with some friends.

Brandon Elam – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Stephen Sandlin – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Kris Arnold – Bass Guitar
Craig Hoenes – Drums
Chris Huntley – Percussion
Chris Ginsbach – Percussion
Brendan Anthony – Fiddle
Russel Willis – Drums

Haywood on Facebook | Official Website


Hatched in the twilight months of ought nine, these five young men came from all corners of the US looking to do one thing: knock the dust off roots music.

A freewheelin’, trashgrassin’, folk tornado, the Whiskey Shivers take traditional instrumentation, soak it in gasoline and send it into outer space. Breakneck speeds, killer grooves and impeccable musicianship: it’s enough to make Bill Monroe himself do a double-take as he spins in his grave.

With upright bass, fiddle, washboard, banjo, guitar, and reasonably priced merchandise, Whiskey Shivers adds a fine layer of grit on top of the hard-driving rhythms of traditional bluegrass. They’ve been called everything from “trashgrass” to “hardcore roots” to “crazy-assed redneck music” — whatever the words, the meaning is the same: Whiskey Shivers brings the house down.

Whiskey Shivers on Facebook | Official Website


We sing the songs we write with the power of four-part harmony. We all write the songs. We all sing them together.

We thump. We pluck. We strum. We strike.

We stomp. And the people do to.

Hello Wheels is the collaboration of four singers and songwriters. Matt Bradshaw(Keys, Trumpet, Harmonica), Nick Garza(Banjo), John Shaw(Upright Bass), and Peter Shults(Guitar) came together in 2009 to create a unique brand of harmony driven, percussive music they call stomp-folk. With one EP, Baby John the Fox, a split 7-inch with contemporaries Whiskey Shivers called Friends Do Things Together, and their debut full-length record underway with Wild Child producer Alex Peterson, the band stands poised to have a big year as they spread their original take on Americana throughout Texas and the rest of the nation.

Hello Wheels on Facebook | Official Website


October 18, 2013
9:00 pm - 11:55 pm