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Homebrew Live Featuring Lou w/ Colossal Heads & Fighting With Silence

March 22, 2014 @ 9:00 pm - 11:55 pm


The Stunt cock album was written in the Summer of 2011. The creator of Lou, Heath Cram, got his idea based completely off of the vocal talents of Ryan Wortham. The music of the album was written by Heath Cram, the vocals and lyrics by Ryan Wortham, an amazing duo to complete one of the best albums written in a long time. The album was recorded by Tim Gerron at Studio 54. Tim’s sharp ear helped to make sure the albums sound reflected a professional quality. The mastering of the album was done by Roger Lian at Master Disc. Roger has worked with well known bands like Slayer, Sting, U2 and countless other musicians.

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This band is a product of ideas and dreams that have come together to create a masterpiece of sound.

The Colossal Head is your fear of becoming who you are supposed to be.
It’s the change that you are scared to accept.
The reality you are scared to live.
The belief you are scared to follow.
It is the doubt you are scared to overcome or the label you are scared to lose.

After looking death in the face, there is nothing more terrifying or more real than death..so why should I care what label people have on me or what people reject me for saying what I feel needs to be said.
Fear of rejection is not real.
Death is real.

It is time to look past that and start being who you are supposed to be…who you are meant to be.

Responsibility should not be a fear it should be an enlightenment.
It’s time to take a stand and to be the change.

You were born with a purpose that takes years to discover, but when you realize what you truely are meant to do in this life the only thing that should matter is death itself.

You are human, but it is time to become the beast.

It is time to show these people who you are and what you believe. Life is all about taking risks for the sake of experience…if I don’t risk portraying who you truely are then none of this matters.

People will label you. People will cast you out. They will mock or ridicule you, and show their true “friendship” towards you.

It is time to rise above all of the “labels” and “fear” and become who you were put on this earth to be…a change.

People want change but do not want to BE the change. You have to take a look on your life and realize that you are supposed to effect others…and how you affect them relies purely on your ACTIONS.

Say what you feel.

Portray who you are…and become who you are meant to be.

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we are a 3 piece out of dayton texas who love playin music no matter what genre. just drums, guitar, bass, and pure rock & roll magic…

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March 22, 2014
9:00 pm - 11:55 pm