Votary in Stock at The Stafford

Born out of the Commons’ dorms at Texas A&M, Votary has moved past its once untitled and acoustic ways to become a rather well-known act around the BCS area. In the beginning, there was Jack Thweatt (lead vocals and guitar,) and Travis Thompson (pianist and keyboardist,) bouncing ideas off of each other in the Commons’ lobby. Before long, Conner Wright found his place in Votary manning the drumsticks, and Michael Burgess behind the bass. After winning the Town Hall: Battle of the Bands at Texas A&M, Votary garnered a spike in popularity. In 2013, they released their debut album, “Ground Beneath Us,” and a 3-track Christmas EP, “I’ve Been Nice.” Now, with plans to release another EP this spring, Votary seems to be establishing itself as a potential force to be reckoned with in the Texas music scene.

As a “contemporary pop band” Votary can lend at least some of its past success to straight up supply and demand. “If music is a product, almost everyone around here is either country or blues rock, so that makes it easier,” says Wright. And he is right. Votary is a diamond in the rough, a pop in the country, a sing-a-long in the saloon, if you will. Drawing influence from artists and bands like Ben Rector, Young the Giant, and Walk the Moon, Votary makes the cut for picky indie-fanatics, yet they remain poppy enough for the casual listener. As far as live shows go, the band seems to have it figured out: “We had one show where Travis decided to wear a Jango Fett mask throughout the entirety of the performance.” Votary is on the rise, and as the Mandalorian bounty hunter put it (in Attack of the Clones, fyi) “They’ll do their job well. I’ll guarantee that.”

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March 20, 2014

Doors @ 8:00 pm

Tickets available online and at the door.

By: Dylan Huddleston

Photo courtesy of maroonweekly.com

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