The O’s: Sweaty and Texan

Taylor Young and John Pedigo are The O’s. The O’s are Taylor Young and John Pedigo. One time, while they were out cocktailing, Pedigo threatened to Young that he was going to buy a banjo. A new banjo meant a new band; both Young and Pedigo had been in numerous band lineups up until this night in 2008. Following the bar, the duo sat on a bench at Vickery Park for 8 hours and came up with their band name, then they enjoyed some to-go tacos. The glamor doesn’t stop there, though. Three months later in 2009, the band’s first album “We Are The O’s” dropped on Idol Records. Then came the tours: statewide, nationwide, worldwide, festivals, gigs, TV-shows appearances- you name it, The O’s have been all over it. There has never been a venue too small or large for The O’s, they travel alongside their unofficial mission statement: “make good music for good people.” In 2011, the band teamed up with Grammy award winning recording engineer, Stuart Sikes, and dropped their second album, “Between The Two,” an album in which every instrument was played by either Young or Pedigo. As the duo matured, so did their music, and their adventures around the world, all the while staying true to the mantra. Their third album released in July 2013 under the production of Chris Smith at the legendary Sonic Ranch Studio in Tornillo, Texas- an album filled with good music, made for good people.

The O’s simply cannot be marginalized by genre. Even their self-description changes with their setting: “Sometimes we are an indie band with fiddles; sometimes we are the bluegrass band at a country show. We are from Dallas, Texas, so we have all the Texan tendencies, but for indie rock shows, we are just the twangy band. At a country show we’re the emo band.” Regardless, The O’s are a good time. The kind of boot-stomping, off-the-cuff energy one would expect from native Dallasonians armed with banjos, harmonicas, and guitars. Their Texas-bred energy spawns pools of people who “want to get drunk, sweaty and loud,” a mix that is heavily reciprocated in their music. Take for instance the song “Tryin’ To Have A Good Time,” a twangy, train-engine groove with a poppy sing-a-long hook that’ll have you dancing towards the closest bottle of whiskey with a grin on your face by the 5 second mark. The O’s are nothing short of fantastic musicians, but they’re even better performers. Since the beginning, they’ve simply been tryin’ to have a good time making good music for good people, and have succeeded in every aspect.

Grab a bottle and some dancing pants, things are gonna get rowdy.

Wed. Mar 26, 2014 @ 8:00pm

$5.00 tickets available online and at the door.

Event is all ages.

Doors @ 7pm.

by: Dylan Huddleston

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