Intern Spotlight: Drew Knight


As part two of our Intern Spotlight series, allow me to present another one of the amazing human beings you can find running around the Grand Stafford office and theater.

Meet Drew. He assists in multiple departments around here, but I know him as an editorial sensei. He sees everything I type before it hits the blog and is always there to fix my silly mistakes. On top of that, he’s a way talented writer. I got Mr. Knight to answer some questions for me and hopefully shed some light on his identity for all of your curious readers out there. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Drew Knight.



-Give us the low-down on how you ended up at the Stafford and what it is you do here?

– I had a friend freshman year who was one of the original interns and he told me about the internship. I went to a show that Defacto put on (The Rocket Summer at Wolf Pen Creek) and talked to Jose, then I applied, interviewed and I’ve been helping out ever since!

What is your favorite Stafford memory?

– My favorite Stafford memory was opening night. When I started the internship, we were working together to get the Stafford reopened. We saw the theater before any renovations were done and was really cool seeing it rise up out of the ashes.

– Favorite musical experience?

– My favorite musical experience was seeing MGMT at FunFunFunFest last year. Jose was able to hook us up with free tickets for helping out with the festival’s publicity. They were on my bucket list of bands I have to see before I die and being able to see them from the rail was rad. There was all kinds of funny things in the air…

 -If you had an opportunity to change something about the music industry, what would it be?

– I wish people still bought physical copies of albums. The Internet is like a double-edged sword for helping out the music industry: It’s super easy to find out what your favorite bands are up to, but it’s also easy just to stream their music or download it in other non-legal ways. I just think it’s unfair that there’s so much money artists are getting shorted of these days.

Who is your favorite artist/band?

– It changes from week to week, but I’ve really been into The 1975 lately. I think their sound is pretty different from a lot of other alternative artists on the charts, and their super chill and they’ve got awesome style.

-What are the last 5 songs on your “Recently Played” list?

– “Robbers” by The 1975

– “400 Lux” by Lorde

– “Of the Night” by Bastille

– “Little Death” by The Neighbourhood

– “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” by Arctic Monkeys

-Would you rather go blind or deaf?

– Blind for sure. I just think it would be easier to go through life without sight than without hearing. I don’t think I’d be able to survive without being able to listen to music.

-Where did your appreciation for music come from?

– My dad, a teen in the 70s, always played 70s rock like Tom Petty and The Eagles on road trips, which I think had a big factor. But I was also kind of a weirdo in high school and listened to a lot of pop-punk, which gave me a lot of dumb angst and made me feel like I belonged somewhere else.

-Aside from the Stafford, where else do you go on a night out in Downtown Bryan?

– Murphy’s Law Trivia Nights! They have great deals on beer and it’s a lot of fun to share a pitcher with friends and realize how bad we are at trivia.

-Do you have any embarrassing stories about Jose?

– He’s a great dancer. Enough said.




– by Dylan Huddleston


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