Artist Spotlight: Jaeger Wells

Jaeger Wells, an indie rock singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas, has years of performing and songwriting under his belt. After releasing a successful EP earlier this year, Wells is hitting the road to bring his acoustically driven pop music to life.


Wells is a veteran in the music scene. After 7 years and 4 EPs, Wells has the art of songwriting and recording down. Skipping over songs that don’t mean something to him, Wells prefers to tackle more personal struggles and experiences, like a lovechild of Motion City Soundtrack and Ed Sheeran. Wells faces this heavy subject matter straight on with an upbeat and bright outlook. His songwriting talks about the real life struggles of love and loss, with the goal of showing listeners that they are never alone.

Jaeger Wells released his most recent EP, Fever Dream Anthology, earlier this year and has proven that he is staying true to his goal of inspiring and encouraging his fans. The overarching theme of strength shines through most clearly in his latest single, “What it Feels Like.” Jaeger Wells’ uplifting message and catchy lyrics help to remind his fans that even with life gets hard, you have to keep going.

Jaeger Wells, with special guests Kyle Cook, Anna Montie, and Leavenworth, promises to deliver an amazing live show. Get your tickets here and come out to Grand Stafford Theater on Thursday, December 10 at 7:00pm for a night of awesome music!

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