First Friday with The Rotisserie Chickens & Aaron Stephens


The Rotisserie Chickens bring the funk to every stage they take. This ska band from Dallas is made up of six confident musicians from backgrounds ranging in rock metal, indie folk, and the marching band. With Michael Grover on vocals, Bradley Hastings on trumpet, Alek Walker on guitar, Colin Holmes on bass, Graham Houpt on trombone, and Derrick Fickle on drums, this crew truly gets down in the most eclectic form. Ska, celebrating the upbeat combination of Caribbean mento and American blues and jazz, is the kind of music you bounce, jump, and dance to; and even then, The Rotisserie Chickens exceed this joyful expectation. While experiencing their performance, childlike reactions to jump and sing and to smile stupidly well up from your most primal motor functions causing you to realize the power that music has upon the mind, body, and soul – speaking on behalf of a friend, of course. Either way, The Rotisserie Chickens will spunk up your night and leave you feeling affirmed in your inner, vibrant youth. Check out their album “Hung Out to Dry” (2015) here.

AaronStephens Raw 2 (1)

Aaron Stephens is a soul, singer/songwriter creating from a transparent heart. His music is nostalgic for a simpler time yet carries the reality of today’s struggles. With his first full length album “Hard Times Straight Lines” debuting in 2014, he has initiated a legacy to carry him throughout his career by way of his sweetly aged sound and modern take on the human soul. Stephens is one of a kind, a rare jewel, and has worked very, very hard and sacrificed much to achieve all that he has done, and this can be heard in his music. I have found him to be a beautifully weathered sojourner, having trekked through the peaks and valleys that life allots, eager to learn and know so that he may express his wisdom through story telling and song. Basically, Aaron Stephens is the music you want to listen to on vinyl while drinking coffee and contemplating the meaning of life – in the most non-emo way, of course.

So, to prepare your souls for a night of funk and story telling, click here to listen to a sneak preview of our FREE First Friday show on our exclusive Spotify playlist. The doors open at 7 PM and show begins at 7:30 PM, you’re guaranteed to dig it.

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