Artist Spotlight: Josh Ward

Josh Ward‘s sound, in a word, is nostalgic. Thursday night, the Grand Stafford Theater will be hosting Country’s salvation with this up-and-coming Texas artist.

Josh WardWith the inspiration and influence of legends such as George Strait and Willie Nelson, Josh is likely to bring back what Country has been missing for years now – its roots. His stories reveal an obvious connection to the heritage, singing about his experiences in relationships and tilling the land. His tales about love, heartbreak, and hard work – and whiskey – are relatable and comforting, an ability that classic Country has the unique power to do. In songs such as “Sent Me You” and “Together,” Josh exposes his heart as he sings about the trials that life holds and the beauty of relationships in the midst of the hardship by describing the faith and hope that love has to offer. He is bound to swoon and captivate you with his smooth, yet gritty, twang and powerful vocals which give an unspoken validation to his stories and his background, besides the fact that he’s a seasoned outdoorsman and sponsored fisherman. Country music can untuck its shirt and finally breathe a heavy sigh of relief knowing that a musician has come to revive the spirit and energy of its origins with the sweet strum of the guitar and a voice that’s empathic to the genre’s soul.

Come out and experience this Country man’s talent, and be refreshed by his original voice and classic sound. If you’d like to check out Mr. Ward before the show, click here to listen to our exclusive Spotify playlist. And if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, click here. See y’all at 8 PM!

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