Know Stafford Theater and You’ll Know Live Music

To know Grand Stafford Theater is to know the music, the artists who play it and the community where it all happens.

“We’re working to provide the best live music experience in Bryan/College Station,” says Carlton Lee, the General Manager of the historic downtown venue. Located smack-dab in the middle of the Texas “Golden Triangle” formed by Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, Grand Stafford is an ideal stop for bands touring the great state.

“What we offer here is different,” expresses Lee. “Part of our mission is to bring quality music, so even if you have not heard of the band yet, you can bet they’re going to be good,” assures Lee. “We cranked up on supporting local and regional artists, the up-and-comers.”


Management at Stafford Theater is constantly on the lookout for the next priceless jewel of the live music scene, meaning Grand Stafford Theater offers a little bit of everything out there that’s good and live! And since the venue is relatively small, with a capacity right around 400, bar staff get to know guests and the live music experience is intimate.

Typical genres include Texas country, Texas rock, blues rock, Southern rock, and even Latin, instrumental, electronic, singer-songwriter, Indie, and heavy metal. Grand Stafford Theater began the fall of its reopening with Texas favorites such as Ray Wylie Hubbard and 9-time Grammy award winning band, Asleep At The Wheel. Other prominent bands include El Ten Eleven, an instrumental band featured on MTV; Del Castillo, known for their hit single “Malaguena Salerosa” and chosen by Quentin Tarantino for the closing scene of Kill Bill Vol. II; and Joshua James, recognized by Rolling Stone for their single “Coal War,” showcased in season 4 of Sons of Anarchy.

“That’s one of the cool things about this place,” comments Lee. “We haven’t pigeonholed ourselves with one type of music. We are definitely diverse.” The Grand Stafford Theater is a place that fosters intimate musical vibrations with delicious beverages. “It’s a place where everybody’s welcome. We look forward to new faces.”

Get to Know the Artists

Today the team is launching Grand Stafford Presents to be sure Stafford Theater guests get to know the talented musicians that grace our stage.


“Each week we will release a new episode on the Grand Stafford Theater YouTube channel,” explains Lee. “Relaxed and candid artist interviews with clips of the artist’s music provide an intimate look at the talented individuals behind the music and showcase spots in Downtown Bryan where all the magic happens.”

Featured music may be live footage from the show or a personal, acoustic performance. It’s for the fans of Stafford Theater artists and it’s for the artists themselves.

“We’re here for the music,” said Lee. “The artists make the music so we’re going to do everything we can to support these talented musicians by letting fans know them a little better and sharing the music throughout our web channels.”

Like, Listen and Follow Stafford Theater Online

In addition to Stafford Theater on YouTube, you’ll also find Stafford artists on our Spotify Channel. Photos are available on our Facebook albums and Instagram. Follow us @GrandStaffordTheater on Twitter for news on the latest and greatest, and for general information regarding the theater please visit

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