Shinyribs Leaves ‘Em Smilin’ at the Stafford Theater

Well, he sounds country, especially with that mandolin, but wait. Is he covering Snoop Dog’s Gin and Juice?” Yes! Rap lyrics with a Texas twang and the crowd is going wild.

“If you leave a Shinyribs show without a smile, you better check your pulse,” said Bill Allen of Bill Allen’s Motorcycles in Bryan, Texas. Bill Allen is also director and co-star of the exclusive History Channel video series Hairy Bikers.”

“They’ll cover Hip-Hop songs then turn around and do a beautiful Bob Dylan song,” said Allen. “You never know what they’re gonna do. They will take you on a musical journey.”

And a musical journey it was, Thursday night at the Grand Stafford Theater in Downtown Bryan. “People were dancing, throwing their hands in the air, having a good time—all around good vibes in the theater,” said General Manger Carlton Lee as he reminisced of the Shinyribs performance with a smile.


With over 100 people in attendance, the venue quickly became intimate. “There were chairs at the beginning of the night but everyone pushed them out the way and had a good time right there [in front of the stage],” said Lee.

“Kev Russell could write a song about the woes of a road reflector and it would put tears in your eyes,” says Allen. “He is extremely insightful and positive. His music is heartfelt and fun and thought provoking.”


Kev “Shinyribs” Russell is most known for his involvement with The Gourds and their popular cover of Snoop Dog’s “Gin and Juice.” He and the band produced over 10 studio albums since 1996 and released their last album “Old Mad Joy” in 2011.

Shinyribs has since left the coop and and is flying solo, performing frequently at intimate music venues like the Stafford and venues in the Austin area. “There is no such thing as a bad Shinyribs show,” assures Allen.


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Giving Back to the Local Guitarists

Grand Stafford Theater wants  to video record guitarists in the B/CS community  to win the Guitar Center Blues Masters Challenge!

Guitar Center is currently holding a challenge for any guitar player to perform and submit a guitar performance on a Joe Bonamassa song. The prizes include: a $10,000 CASH award, opening slot for Joe Bonamassa in Hollywood, mentor session + studio time with Bonamassa & Producer Kevin Shirley, and lastly, new gear package from top of the line products.


We encourage all talented guitarists to contact the Grand Stafford Theater for a chance to win the Guitar Center’s challenge!

To find out details on contact information and filming dates for submissions, please click on the following link,


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