Marriage Proposal at GST

Every so often we hear some great stories from people, students, our community, musicians and friends about how Grand Stafford Theater has affected their lives positively. From stories about finding their new favorite artist, opening for a band for the first time then going on a tour with them… We get emails about great concert experiences, how people had a great time or made some new friends at a show. However, when we received an email with a request to propose marriage on our stage, we were beyond humbled to have been chosen as the special place where two people would make one of their most cherished memories of their lives.

On Friday October 18th, Travis Porter ’12 asked his girlfriend Rachel Wilcox ’14 to marry him on the stage of Grand Stafford Theater.

“I’m extremely grateful for the Grand Stafford Theater and their management for helping to make my marriage proposal unique and special! My (now) fiancée Rachel and I went on one of our very first dates at the Stafford not even a year ago. In that time, we’ve come back to see several shows for some our favorite artists. We have grown very fond of the Stafford as a special place for us, as well as, for the quality of music they bring to BCS and for the generosity of the management. A big “thanks” to the Stafford Theater for their genuine involvement with the BCS community, their love for good music, and for letting me use their stage and staff to ask my girlfriend to marry me!” — Travis Porter

And this is how we continue to get involved with our community and make this a venue for you. It is because of people in our community like you and like Travis & Rachel that we are able to stay in business, open our doors each night for new concerts and continue to bring quality entertainment to this town. Sometimes even if it’s just to help a date go well and igniting a fire between two people–providing the utmost live music experience is our goal and a goal that we think goes well beyond just putting on a show. It’s the small things like this that let us know we’re making a difference in this town and for that we’re thankful!

One of Travis & Rachel’s first dates was to see Seryn live at a concert here with us and they’ve been back ever since to see them over and over again as well as discovered other bands we’ve had play here since last year.

Let’s make more memories together BCS, see you at a concert! What band has made a great impact in your life that you’ve seen live at a show here or that you discovered by coming to a concert here? If you have any stories about how GST has influenced you or a role it has played in your life let us know by sending us your story to

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