July First Friday To Feature The Feeble Contenders, Pudge & Haley, and more

Guitars wail as Joshua Sisco and Marco Pisterzi, the two lead singers of The Feeble Contenders, belt out thought-provoking lyrics against perfectly timed drums and bass. Their energy is electrifying, mesmerizing. The kind that you replay in your head over and over well after the show has ended. The kind you don’t soon forget about.

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The Feeble Contenders are a five piece rock band from Central Texas who have toured the U.S. with big names such as Norma Jean, Listener, Before There Was Rosyln, Quiet Company, Octopus Project, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and He Is Legend. Their EP is out now and they are set to release their first full-length album in the fall. Described as “thoughtful, spiritual and intoxicating, combining faith-based lyrics with hard-edged instrumentals” by IndieU, the up-and-coming band has gained quite the popular following already.

On the opposite spectrum, Pudge & Haley croon out sweet harmonies accompanied by soft acoustics. The duo play off of each other perfectly and captivate the crowd. Their love for music and their audience is unmistakable.


Pudge and Haley are a singer-songwriter duo from College Station. The two share a passion for music, performing, and bringing joy wherever they go. Their self-titled EP is available now on iTunes.

Fitting in with the folky acoustic music of Pudge & Haley, up-and-coming singer-songwriters Landon McGee and Chandler Dunn are indie folk musicians from Bryan, TX. McGee, whose music is reminiscent of folk king John Denver and the experimental indie pioneer Surfjan Stevens.


McGee serenades the crowd with an intoxicating mix of vocals and guitar. Dunn, whose style is described as clean and unique, blends multiple styles to create a sound all his own.

The Feeble Contenders, Pudge & Haley, Landon McGee, and Chandler Dunn are a few of the act you can catch at the July First Friday show at Grand Stafford Theater on Friday, July 3, 2015 at 8:00 pm. Admission is free but premium seating is on sale now on the Grand Stafford Theater website.

The evening will be full of drinks, live music, and fun. The premium seating option provides a table reservation for four people and four premium passes, which allows access to the second and third floor lounge as well as the top shelf bar.

Be sure to not miss it!


For more information on The Feeble Contenders, check out their website here.

For more information on Pudge & Haley, check out their Facebook here.

For more information on Landon McGee, check out his EP here.

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