Clap and AoA – A Night of Latin Blues


Rarely does a group of musicians have the ability to blend two seemingly different genres together to create one unified, harmonious sound.

Even more rare is when those two sounds are blues and Spanish rock.

CLAP and Affection on Apartments, two bands that will be playing at the Grand Stafford on Thursday, July 16 at 8:00 pm, are examples of such rarity. The show will be a unique experience for any listener, not only because the sound is something completely different than anything out on the radio today, but because these bands come together for the soul purpose of performing an art they love before parting their separate ways. The fluidity of the band members means that each performance is unique and you can be sure you’re witnessing something special.

If that wasn’t enough reason to spend your Thursday evening with these talented musicians, all proceeds from tickets sales will be donated to the Brazos Valley Food Bank. You can purchase tickets on the Grand Stafford Website, available now.

Want a taste of what you’ll be in for on July 16? You can check out this clip of CLAP performing here.

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