Second Sunday Foreign Film


The smell of buttered popcorn wafts through the air. The overhead lights are dim, and a string of firefly light hangs above the outdoor seating, giving the feel that you’ve stepped into a theater from an era gone by. The bartender cranks out drinks as the intimate crowd murmurs and greets each other, as the event has become quite the community affair. As the lights go off and the movie begins, you are transported to another country. The film engrosses you, and for a while you forget you’re in a theater in the middle of Bryan, TX. It’s a Sunday afternoon well spent.

Every second Sunday of the month at 3:30 pm in Grand Stafford Theater is Second Sunday Foreign Film. Each month features a critically acclaimed movie from a different culture that is sure to open your eyes to movies you normally wouldn’t see in the U.S.

The films are always amazing, and the perfect ending to a weekend before the week starts all over again.

Have a seat under a string of firefly lights, the lights down low, with hot buttery popcorn in one hand and an alcoholic drink of your choosing in the other, and join us for a wonderful cultural movie on a Sunday afternoon.

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