Artist Spotlight: Rotisserie Chickens

The Rotisserie Chickens are a young, six-piece ska band from a suburb north of Dallas, Texas. Since the release of their first EP in January 2015, The Rotisserie Chickens have become extremely well known in the Texas ska scene.


The Rotisserie Chickens are still relatively new to the ska music scene, but they have been making big waves since the release of their first EP last January. Each member of this band has a unique musical background; some were previously in an indie folk band, some were previously in a metal band, and some just knew how to play the horns. But when they started playing music together, all six members understood that they had stumbled onto something special.

The Rotisserie Chickens released their debut EP, titled “Family Reunion,” in January of this year, but didn’t play their first show until June of 2015. After that first show, The Rotisserie Chickens spent the majority of the summer touring around Texas and recording their debut album, “Hung Out To Dry,” which was released in July. Praised for their ability to blend indie, metal, and ska music, The Rotisserie Chickens’ growing fan base shows no signs of stopping.

Don’t miss your chance to see this awesome Texas-raised band! The Rotisserie Chickens will be performing at Grand Stafford Theater on Friday, November 13.

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