The Duncan Fellows are a laid-back group of tight-knit friends from Austin, Texas, founded in 2012, who also happen to play in a band. Their name originated when, on a whim, they were asked if they could hustle a group together to perform at a Young Life function. It was at this time that most of the members of the band lived in a house on Duncan Street, so, naturally, the name of the location that consummated their friendships seemed appropriate enough to dub the fellows of the house on Duncan Street the Duncan Fellows12143165_899664166778217_6060161898970727203_nThis indie, folk/rock band – made up of Colin Harman (vocals/guitar), Cullen Trevino (backup vocals/guitar), Margot Stevenson (backup vocals/trumpet/piano), David Stimson (bass), and Tim Hagen (drums) – released their first EP, Twelve Years Older, in 2013 and has recently released their second EP, Marrow, this past May, reaching the #3 spot on the iTunes Best Seller list for Alternative EPs. They have travelled with Austin natives such as the Friendly Savages and Penny & Sparrow and have performed at Austin’s Solstice Music Festival in 2014. The young band has had no problem selling out shows – reaching a wide audience of eclectic individuals – because, alongside their musical talent, they have an incredible sense of inclusiveness in their stage presence. It’s been said that they like to walk through the crowd before shows, meeting fans and making new friends, producing a vibe of just one big hangout session and creating an atmosphere that is both comfortable and relaxed. Something that I’ve noticed in reviews, and in my personal experience with the group, is the consistency of the word “friend,” or some characteristic that is associated with a friend, as a description of who the band is as a whole. I believe that it’s the combination of the group’s folky sound and rare inclusive presence that validates the lyrics to their songs, giving credit to their vulnerability and wonder, especially in the song “Icarus,” that easily makes them friends worth listening to. So, come and experience this group for yourselves. You’re guaranteed to have a good time and maybe even leave with some new Facebook friends!

P.s. I also heard that they will be playing some brand new music just for us!


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