Texas Music Pickers Presents Josh Grider, Drew Kennedy, and Sarah Olivia Buss

Texas Music Pickers does it again! With this line-up debuting on Friday night featuring the Red Dirt music’s sensation Josh Grider, the groundbreaking singer/songwriter Drew Kennedy, and Country’s new up and coming artist Sarah Olivia Buss, there is no doubt it will be a night to remember. 

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After listening to Josh Grider’s albums and conducting some “extensive” research, it was obvious to hear that Grider is in this for the music. He has been around the Country/Red Dirt music scene for over 10 years now, continuing to succeed and develop a solid credibility in his ability. His nostalgic, classic Country sound seems to be inspired by the combination of Country greats such as Garth Brooks and Billy Currington with a Texas Country way of story telling that’s both relatable and completely unique. He’s been recognized for his talent by appearing at festival gigs, opening for nationally known artists, and for selling over 30,000 copies of his song “Crazy Like You” featured on his album “Million Miles To Go.” Grider’s big break came in 2013 after signing a publishing deal with AMP Entertainment and partnering with Paradigm Talent Agency who became his booking reps. Appearing on a TV show, creating new music, and touring around the U.S., is only the beginning of this Country sensation’s story. I believe he represents what Country is and what it always should be: a hard worker pursuing their dreams, singing from the heart, and willing to risk it all for the gift they were given. The Grand Stafford is excited to hear him play his new stuff (“Brokedown,” 2015), his old stuff (“The Gettin’ There,” 2012), and his older stuff (“Million Miles To Go,” 2007) and notice the consistency in his work and his ability to capture to his audience.

Drew Kennedy is, like I said before, a groundbreaking singer/songwriter. I think to say he is thoughtful is an understatement. This guy has produced 7 albums worth of genuine, pure-hearted music as well as written a novel. So it’s obvious Kennedy has a lot to say, but the depth at which he expresses himself and the standard for which he holds his music to blows me away. After listening to a few of his albums (especially “Fresh Water in the Salton Sea,” 2011), I sat there feeling enlightened and understood. He reaches depths and paints pictures that are both beautiful and complex, asking his listeners to think, to paint along with him. Kennedy’s creation doesn’t end at creating music and writing songs and stories, he has also co-founded the Red River Songwriters’ Festival in Red River, New Mexico. So, keep your eye on our friend Drew, and on his latest album “Sad Songs Happily Played.” Big, beautiful art has already come from this fellow and I can’t even begin to imagine what’s next!

Lastly, the beautiful Sarah Olivia Buss will be opening for these fellas this Friday evening. Gracing us with her distinct and angelic voice, Buss has a talent that is beyond her years. With the angst of Miranda Lambert and power of Carrie Underwood, she combines them to create a sound that is beautiful and rare in an artist her age. Her confidence exudes through her honesty and strong voice making her someone to keep an eye on because this chick definitely has something special.

So come out and join the Stafford in experiencing a night of raw, hardworking talent that expresses the freedom that creating and listening to music can offer! Doors open at 7 PM and the show starts at 8 PM. Buy your tickets here. And listen to a sneak peak of the evening here with the Grand Stafford’s exclusive Texas Music Pickers Spotify playlist


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